Powerful Prayers

Dear God,

Be with me.

I have a problem with prayers sometimes. One reason why is because our prayers have no power because they’re not scriptural. Let’s look at one such prayer:

“Dear God, Be with me”

“Holy Spirit, be with Gus during this terrible time”

“Lord, be with these missionaries as they go forward with their calling”

I hear people say something like it all the time, I hear it from the pulpit, Bible study and in Christian books. I have a problem with it. I don’t believe it’s an effective, Biblical prayer. This is why:

In Matthew 20, Jesus promises, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” We don’t have to ask him to be with us – He is with us, even when life screams at us that we are utterly alone. You don’t have to ask him to be with you anymore than you have to ask your husband to marry you again, you don’t have to ask Jesus to be with you again. He’s already there.

So, how should I pray? I am no master of prayer (or master of anything if you want to tell the truth) but some prayers with power along the same line I’ve written below.

“God, make me feel your presence”

“Jesus, show your light through me”

“Holy Spirit, use someone in my life to be a light to me.”

“God, strengthen me and fill me with your Holy Spirit” (controversial – the Holy Spirit can fill us while Jesus is always with us, but that’s another topic of discussion)

“Jesus, lighten my load”

“Lord, send me someone to help carry my burden”

“Holy Spirit, show me how you’ll use these difficult times to glorify you in the future.”

“God, let me minister to others in your name and by your power.”

There is a time where praying “God, be with me,” and that is for people who do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, however, if you ask Jesus to dwell with you in your heart, as he promises, He will be with you always.

Let’s what happens when we stop asking God for something we already have and start being more specific in our prayers.


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