We didn’t take any pictures in Oregon; We didn’t have a camera except for on our phones. “So how will we know what you look like?”

I’ll tell you: I’m tall, probably taller than you are, but not freakishly tall – about 5’9”. I’m a bit chubby, but not so much it’s the first thing you notice about me – unless you haven’t seen me in a couple of months and then you might comment on my weight loss. My hair is almost strawberry blonde, but is closer to strawberry brunette, with streaks a shade or two lighter. I have acne scars on my cheeks and freckles. My nose is small and turned up and my eyes are very big with long eyelashes. I have thin lips and a half inch scar on my chin and a tiny mole on my chin that I pluck hair out of a couple of times a week.

My daughter is about forty pounds. Her hair is a dull brown color. She has thick straight little girl bangs and her hair is shoulder length. I let her pick how she cuts it, but she informs me that when she is older she will have blonde, curly hair. Her eyes are brown, with luscious eyelashes and she sports my little nose and her father’s slight cleft of a chin.

Husbands are harder to describe, aren’t they? Mine is taller than me by a few inches and stocky. He’s in very good physical condition, washboard abs and everything but has scoliosis so he doesn’t strut around like I would if I were him. He has lost much of his hair so he cuts it very short and he cuts it himself. His eyes have faded to a hazel/green color. His nose has been broken so it’s crooked. It’s funny to remark upon but his ears follow that same curve. It’s very sexy. He has wrinkles under his eyes and has since he was pretty young; my daughter has dark has the dark circles too and has almost since birth. Today he hasn’t shaven, so he has black and gray whiskers surrounding his rose petal mouth. He would not like to be described as that.


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