I’m back from Mexico. It was a wonderful trip, I got to be with my old friends from the Bay Area and my friends from Mexico. I got to speak Spanish, which delightfully rolls off my tongue. I got to eat churros, which are fried bars of lard, while flour, sugar and cinnamon and nothing else.

A lot of our younger kids say they come back with a greater appreciation for all they have. Although I appreciate the sentiment: I love hot running water and well paved roads, it is usually that I leave there with envy rather than any real appreciation for the things here.

The families there are very close and so are the friendships. Of course the parents and children live together until the child marries,and in some cases the whole family moves in together. Our mom lives with us, rather, we live with her, but there is not the same sense of community. We don’t walk to church together or share the things that are important to us.

Several of our students have returned to Mexico without the mission’s team. One stayed for a week on two separate trips. Another stayed three months and worked in the orphanage. There is a draw to this dusty, windy, hot little pueblo. I will write more about it later.


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