How can it be beautiful without Jesus?

My beautiful brother married his long-time girlfriend Sunday. The ceremony was gorgeous. My brother wrote the ceremony and the song that J walked down the aisle to. The flowers were perfect, the wedding itself was less than 100 people and it really was a joining of two families. Everyone was warm and excited and happy. I got to speak Spanish, too. (J is half Mexican and half Japanese).

The reception was a whole lot of fun too. They had appetizers and an open bar with margaritas and wines. The bar tender was an older, adorable guy who made me virgin margaritas all night. The music was great. My brother selected it all and I knew the words to almost every song. I danced and danced. They had cupcakes instead of cake and that was a lot of fun, too.

I left glowing with happiness and pride.

So, when I got home I was suprised that people were so unpleasant. One person said, “Your brother is so talented, I wish he would use his talents for good.” Excuse me? What could be more “good” than a wedding? They’ve committed their lives to each other! They’ve made a family! They have joined together! What could be better?

Another woman asked, “How can it be beautiful without Jesus?” There are so many things that are blatantly without Jesus that are beautiful! Flowers, for example. Horses. He made all of the nature, and while they’re are not explicitly about Jesus, they are so beautiful. God created marriage – He said, “The two will become one.” It doesn’t say, “So long as Jesus is mentioned in the ceremony two will be come one.” His writing is about marriage. Period. People that are adamantly against gay marriage might be supportive of heterosexual marriage – regardless of their religious affiliation.

My brother and sister-in-law are deeply in love. They called each other “my only true love”. They believe they are soul mates and I see that they are better together than they are apart. I am so happy for them and for me that I get to be apart of her family. I pray that they will get to know Jesus in a real way, as I do for many. But the fact that they do not does not precede the beauty of their marriage and relationship.


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