Totally and comopletely pissed off.

There is a “rule” that everyone knows: Never talk about religion or politics.

This rule was broken without class or open discussion in my Dialectical Behavioral Studies class.

First she asked the difference between religion and spirituality. A fair enough question. I kept silent.

Then she asked us to share our faith. There were four of us in our class. Two of them were hostile before God and another was a seeker. I can’t tell you much about them because of confidentiality.

But I can say what I thought and what the facilitator said. After hearing negative things about God I said, “I’m a Christian, I was in ministry for eleven years….” and something else I do not remember. It doesn’t really matter all that much what I said because no one really paid attention. I wasn’t looking for my class members to fall to their knees in repentance and name Jesus as their one and only, but I expected some of the nonsense of the facilitator to have some basis in actual knowledge.

Among the stupid things she said:

There is a book of 40 (or whatever) possible translations of the Bible and none of them say the same thing…. Um… no. There are webpages with a whole bunch of translations of the Bible and they are remarkably similar.

Since there is not truth she said the point of faith to provide comfort for you.

This is perhaps the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard…. If you need faith, if you have a longing for it, how is a substitute “truth” going to satisfy it – one that changes depending on what translation you read? How can you take comfort in something that you know is “like a wave in the sea, driven and tossed by the wind”?

She asked some rhetorical questions about Buddhism, and I said, “Buddhism is an atheist religion.” She did not like that and said it wasn’t; She had no information to back her opinion up. She said it was “spiritual”. I didn’t say it wasn’t “spiritual” I said it was atheistic. A friend who practiced Buddhism and she said its a spirituality and a form of teaching. Which I honestly, already knew. And this facilitator did not. Does not.

I shared that the love I have comes from God, pours it in me and fills me up. I said this to a seeker. The facilitator said that seeker-girl was not at that point, but that she needed to love herself, first.

What can I say and still keep this confidential? I’ll say this: I know a lot of people who love themselves a whole lot and they don’t love anyone else. I know some extremely lovable, wounded people who will never be able to love themselves. This is where God comes in: His love heals and perfects and is something, I believe, you can see.

Things went on. I can’t say anymore except that I prayed for this section the minute it started and believe I did what God wanted me to do. I didn’t fight; I didn’t defend; I didn’t do anything other than share what was placed in my heart. It’s almost like I can hear it, “Well done.”


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