Things I learned.

I’ve been kind of intense lately so, as a break, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned in this world. so far.

1. There is a reason for everything. If someone offers you a mint, take it and put it in your mouth immediately.

2. It is a mistake to get drunk in public. It is usually not a great idea to get drunk in private, either.

3. When you see a woman with a child, even if she obviously is not, ask her if the is the mom. Not the grandmom.

4. If you are trying to make conversation with a stranger or someone you just met and they don’t respond to your efforts, they are probably just shy. It’s no reflection on you as a person.

5. Just because you are fat now, doesn’t mean you will stay that way. Just because you are thin now, doesn’t mean you will stay that way. You have to commit to your health if you want to be healthy. I do not always want to be healthy, but it’s because of me…. not my meds, not my family of origin, not because I am chemically imbalanced. One of the reasons I gained so much weight after my discharge from the hospital and my partial hospitalization program was not entirely the meds. I treated myself to a hot fudge sundae every day after my outpatient program. That’ll do it.

5. Cool whip is not whipped cream. Anyone who offers you whipped cream and gives you Cool whip will not be a good cook.

6. Talk less.

7. Forgive as much as you can, then forgive again. You even need to forgive your parents.

8. The older people get, the less mean they treat people. Usually.

9. Some people say that you should live each day like it’s the last day of your life; that only proves they would spend their last day giving stupid advice. (From Stumbling on Happiness by David Gilbert.)

10. It’s not reasonable to get angry at someone who is not as intelligent as you. They can’t help it and it makes no sense for you to wait until they get smarter.

That’s most of it. The declarations have made life easier and more functional. Hope they bring some enlightenment to you…. And don’t forget about that mint.


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