It’s only a matter of what.

It’s only a matter of what. I was at my daughter’s school today and the teacher was being a real jerk. She usually picks on a few kids, who, of course, are my favorite kids. She puts them in “time out” and forgets that they’re there. She today she berated the kids for sitting on the rug and losing game pieces. She had them make this ridiculous hat with a tiger and a poem. Today my daughter lost the paper shew as given and I went to talk to the teacher about it. She said that she had given her one and had already put the papers away. I was steamed until we found it. One of the books she had the children re-create my daughter had MEMORIZED BEFORE SHE WAS TWO!

I thought I wouldn’t home school because I couldn’t offer her things the teacher and a public school could, but I’m reconsidering. I can’t have a jog-a-thon at home, but we didn’t participate anyway. She got to run, wound up being one of the fastest in the class, but raised no money so she wasn’t rewarded, which is actually fine with me. I was always skeptical of school oriented pride, and never really participated in it until college, when I pretty much wanted everyone to know I went to B. They have a Friday assembly where they sing patriotic songs and reward the kids for whatever. Do we really need this? What does it prove? She openly told the class that everyone got an almost perfect score except for G…. who hadn’t been tested. I was very angry about that.

But back to complaining about Ms. S. I was an educator, a Special Educator, so i have finely honed classroom management skills. These are things that, if applied, she would have a much easier time: Her assigned seats are terrible. They cause all kinds of conflicts and even injury. She sends these manifestos home every week, they’re full page, no paragraphs and the content is bizarre. Instead of privately talking to a student about their infractions she tells the WHOLE class instead. Then she puts them in time out. In my world, if a child is getting put in time-out three or four times a day, it is time for the disciplinarian to change her ways. That is an idea Ms S chooses not to embrace.

This was, with the exception of the Jog-A-Thon, what today was like. The other mom, my new friend, L, was getting angry, too. She says the reason her kid is not doing better is because of her, and I don’t doubt it. I heard bad things about Miss S from the start but I didn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t – there were no space in the other classes. C, my daughter, wakes up in the morning with a tummy ache. She is happy when I am there. She told me she was going to go the whole year with out a time out, and after 36 days, her resolve has not been broken.

I left early today. My sprained wrist hurt, my tooth (that needs a crown was sore) and my belly always gets tight and nauseous when I’m stressed about something. I just needed a break. I don’t have to work in there until Friday, but I think it’s important that I be there.

So, what am I going to do about it? Talk to Miss S? Talk to the principal? I’m not sure yet. What am I going to binge on next? I have those marvelous popped potato chips, or these orange frosting tinged oreos my mom the saboteur brought in yesterday. I confessed that I did eat a few of the chips, but the good thing about a tight belly is that I don’t feel like eating. It’s how I lost all that weight in the first year I graduated from college. It wasn’t the safest way to go about it, but it is probably better to be a regular weight rather than being over weight, right?

There is no moral lesson or comfort on this post, and for that, I am sorry.


One response to “It’s only a matter of what.

  • jb


    i’m so sorry you and your beautiful girl are going through this

    I am no homeschooling advocate but I hate how many bad teachers there are in schools. Sigh

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