My semi-permanent crown fell off so I’m dealing with pain that goes from a 0, to an 8, to a three. I can’t breathe on the tooth, of course I can’t eat and can barely drink.

This sort of thing happened once before. I had a tooth that hurt like 12+. While it was still manageable I went to the doctor. He sent me to a specialist that found nothing wrong. I returned to the dentist he gave me some pills. The pain and the pills made me delirious. I was trying to sleep on the floor of our living room, who knows why? I had to pee so I walked a few steps and peed on the floor. I was drinking ice water like crazy, so I threw up in the garbage can. The pain never stopped. It was an ugly way to discover I was allergic to codeine.

The end of that story is another trip to the endodontist where I told him, if you do not give me a root canal on this tooth, I will do it myself. Kind of a funny threat, but he drilled and found that everyone of the nerves in that tooth were dead. It smells like neurotic tissue – i.e. dead flesh. This was not a time of great productivity as an artists, like many friends offered. This was a time of unbearable pain.

This is not as bad. In fact, I haven’t taken any meds for it, yet. I’m allergic to codeine, can’t take advil because of the other meds. What really are my options?

Nothing encouraging for you today. Maybe tomorrow when I feel better.


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