Just a quick note

A dear reader commented that the Bible is essentially gibberish to those who don’t believe. (Or something like that.) Cool. That’s fine with me, however: The Bible is considered wisdom literature, not just by me, but all sorts of scholar, professors, anthropologist. I quote frequently from it because it is what I believe to be fact, but I don’t think you have to believe it is factual to understand or even relate to what I am talking.

I think of it like this: Your dad might be a really cool, smart, wise guy. You might tell me something he said and I’d think, “Cool, I appreciate his insight.” I can do this without knowing your dad at all, or even that he exists. He might be a wife beater for all I know, but if he is a bad/good/neutral guy his opinions and insights may be valuable. Such is the Bible. You don’t have to believe in any sort of God to learn from it.

I also use the Bible to show where I am coming from. I believe this (like the examples of the blessings of servant-hood) and a good portion of my life reflects the teachings. Okay, not a good-portion, maybe a whole lot less, but it is who I strive to be, the dream is for my whole life to be an imitation of Christ’s. Jesus is not my home-boy, he’s my father and Savior. It would be very difficult to talk about my healing or path without talking about who He is and all He has done for me. I also really want to dispel the myths that a walk along the Jesus road is simple, taken on with an un-examined eye and without any sacrifice. I struggle with my God and I struggle with my illnesses. It’s a personal experience I am sharing with a great hope that you will be helped.

That said: This blog is not an evangelic forum and will not become one any time soon. I hope you are blessed and enriched and learn from it, but have no delusions (well, not a whole lot of them) that I will become the Billy Graham of the internet. I’m just Malakoa. And that’s all for today.


5 responses to “Just a quick note

  • Anon.

    I am really sorry for hurting you.

    My intention was different I wished to free you from something I saw as dangerous. I still think that complete and irrational faith is something that people will use against you. Religions were made by human beings, even if there is a god I am pretty sure that it would be banging it’s head against some galactic wall. At the end of the day when you believe in an institution without reason you could potentially open your life to a large number of problems.

    Further, I accept the universe as it is; an entity that doesnot care if we live or we die.

    Let’s say that in this entire galaxy there is one more planet of sentient beings, and now those beings believe that they have been created by god in his/her likeness. Now this irrational bug has been the source of the greatest conflicts in their history, and despite it all they continue to hold on to this desperate belief that they are special.

    How seriously will you as a christian and human being take them?

    The Bible, zen koans, the bhagvad gita, the koran and all of the other philosophy books out there really are gibberish. You have to come by and “study” them to assign meaning to them and that is very telling. The problem is that until we assign meaning to them they are just clever words which are designed to be ambigous, and life really isn’t so complicated. All of the things you need to know about life can only be gained by living it and that’s the truth.

    However, I do believe in something. I believe in what love can do for people and how it makes the abyss more bearable. This is why I do not look towards any book for insight I just take a look around.

    Take care. If you do not want me to comment anymore then I won’t. Life is really too short to fight in.

  • Malakoa

    Please feel free to post as you like, however, I think we are at a stalemate. I am always interested in what my readers have to say, however, this was never intended to be a place of debate, only a place of healing. If you have any other questions, or even comments, please feel free to ask. If I decide the post is written deliberately contentious rather than an effort to minister there is a good chance I will either ignore it or remove it. There are plenty of forums designed for such a debate and there are many sites, such as the Icarus Project: you might feel more comfortable relating to the people there.
    All my best to you,


  • Jema

    It is interesting how ppl who don’t believe in God can believe in something equally as unfathomable: Love. I’m with you Malakoa.

  • Anon.

    @Malakoa: Sorry, I’m kinda used to knee jerking. Sorry.

    @Jema: Actually I thought a lot about it and then I went with the love view. I realised that the more inbuilt labels I had, the worse of I’d be kind like what’s described over here. However, I still need something abstract to help me get by so I settled upon love, which is as tangible as this computer screen for me.

  • Anon.

    Umm, sorry about the typos. I was in a hurry.

    It was supposed to be “the worse off I would be, kinda like…”

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