Quick name the husband contest

I want to call my husband something other than my husband in this blog.

His name is a fairly common Anglo-American name, so I’m not lookin’ for a “Sergio” or a “Rodrigo”, Post to comments if you care. I know you’re out there: I get stats for facebook on the Dashboard.


3 responses to “Quick name the husband contest

  • jb

    I believe the traditional moniker for blogging wives would be to call him Mr. Malakoa 🙂 Gary was fine, but then occasionally you to make sure for the casual reader they knew he was the spouse, that’s why Ijust go for the generic “DH” or Hub

  • Mai

    Hmm. Well, how did you select Malakoa? Could you use a similar process to pick his name? Or use a baby name picker to select something with a meaning you like? Or stick with Gary? Or Bob? That’s my favorite generic name.

    • Malakoa

      Malakoa means milk in Russians. I nursed for an almost unreasonably (for the non-wet nursing worlk) amount of time.

      I could cal him Sweat, or some other bodily fluid.

      May be sticking with Mr. Malakoa.

      Thanks for the replies!

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