My serious mistake

I can usually spot ’em. You know who you are and you might even be one.

It’s the joke-forwarders. They send you religious jokes, forwards about non-existent kidnappings and pictures of kittens. No one wants these jokes, that is no one with any class. Everyone cares about lost children, but these are children that don’t exist. And as much as I like kittens, who cares, really? I will or will not be hanging on with my own volition. Does anyone really get encouraged by a scruffy cat hanging on to a tree limb with a terrified look on her face? No? Right! Not one.

These people are intelligent, and more forwarders are pretty smart than not. But I can usually spot them. There is something about them… I don’t know what it is, but I can tell. But this time I didn’t, and almost daily and more than that some time I get the dreaded, in-box stuffing.

Please stop sending the world forwards! It doesn’t waste trees, but it wastes your brain cells and soon you will be looking for Knight Rider re-runs. You will drink endless amounts of Mountain Dew (My Uncle used to carry around a three liter bottle of Mountain Dew, similar to the way others carry water bottles). You will eat copious amounts of taco bell.

Stop now, before it’s too late!


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