I learned that the principal of my daughters school told another guardian that, “Mrs Malakoa was out of line.”

Let’s consider it here.  Let me tell you what I did.  There is a girl in the class and I happen to be friends with her mother.  The girl likes to throw huge fits, curl up in the fetal position and cry and sob.  There is no discernible reason for her to do this.  Mom asked me if I would call her if something went wrong.

So, I did.

Principal got super p.o.ed when an Uncle showed up to pick her up.  He asked me what happened and I told him.  He was upset and told me it was against ed code and other reasons I shouldn’t have placed that call.

I felt badly, of course I did, no one likes to be singled out and chewed out, but I didn’t think about it, I just thought, “Well, I guess I did fall out of line.”

Except:  I didn’t.  I’m not an employee of the school.  They don’t pay me anything and they have no real authority of me.  I don’t need to learn the Ed Code, as he likes to quote it to me.  I like working with the kids.  I don’t like the teacher’s personality or classroom management skills but I think she is, overall, good at imparting knowledge.  I go to PTA meetings but I don’t want to be an officer.  It’s not what school is about to me.

He doesn’t have the right to talk about me to other families.  I will remind him of that as he told me I couldn’t talk to the speech therapist with out the parent’s permission.  Did he have the right to tell another family what I did?

This whole thing is bound to be confrontational.  I don’t want to get in to it, but knowing me, I will.  I can’t stand this stuff weighing on my heart.  I’d rather just get this all out of the way so everyone knows where they stand.

What does the Bible say about this?  Here’s a page filled with it, but most of it doesn’t apply to me.  When I think of masters, I think they’re talking about people I work for. I don’t know that it applies to my situation.  I’m not an slave, or even an employee.  I’d quit right away if I didn’t think the estimable Miss S  needed a lot of help.  I also want to be able to monitor what’s going on.  Why is my child crying so much?  I haven’t got a clue, but she is.  I’ll figure this all out later.

I wish I had the energy right now to talk about how employees and employers need to submit to one another, that all of us are supposed to submit to one another, etc.  I don’t.  Being submissive means working against injustice and standing up for what is right.  I know this is not martyr type stuff, but I still think it’s important.  The principal had a job in mind for me, but I think I blew it.  Or he blew it.  It’s not going to be mine.  I think that MS is just not a great fit for me.

He is not my boss.  Jesus is.  The wants me to be respectful and I want that too.   I am unsure what is going to happen tomorrow, or for the next six years.  In O, our old hometown the principal would be replaced every couple of years.  We can’t wait for that to happen here.


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