just like the old days- and about my 34th birthday.

I’ve been either throwing up or feeling really nauseas the past few days.  Friday I actually threw up in the kindergarten’s bathroom.  L said the whole place smelled like sick child.  Nope, just me.

I can’t be pregnant.  I know that is what some of you are thinking.  Mr. Malakoa’s vasectomy was five months ago.  The doctor has a 100% success rate, so now he’s shootin’ blanks.  I’veonly been so sick I threw up once.  I drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels because I felt I needed and wanted someone and I couldn’t stand that.  That was July 4.  Two years later, two days after that I married Mr. Malakoa.  He was a much better choice and I truly do need him.  For more than a night looking at fireworks.


My birthday was fantastic.  My parents reserved a room at my brother’s favorite restaurant.  We ate and had a I remembered the last time I had a family birthday party.  I was young and everyone brought me presents.  It was at my Aunt’s apartment and some guy she was dating made me this great Happy Birthday Malakoa sign.  They went on to create a multi-million sign company that serves businesses and casinos and other stuff up and down the Valley.  Impressive.

I got almost 40 good birthday messages on Facebook and they were a lot of fun to read.  Even from the folks that I am less than bonded to.  I got over it and was happy to hear from them.

The baby wanted to get me the Cricut Expressions paper cutter off of t.v. but it didn’t happen – I guess five year olds don’t have $250.  Next year, if I still care about it.  My grandfather gave me $50 which took me approximately 4 hours to spend.  It’s as if I’m 14, not 34,  but who cares?

I’m back from my parent’s house and that’s okay.  We had fun there, but have you noticed that nothing feels as nourishing and wholesome as food prepared and served by yourself, or your close family?  Maybe not.  There are some people who don’t cook and their parents don’t cook and that is sad, but as far and me and my little family, the chicken salad I made was spot on.  Thank goodness for home.


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