I’m married, married!

This guy from my past, ‘K’ found me on facebook.  We chatted a bit.  Later on that week he im-ed me again.  This time he told me he remembered the first time he saw me, and that he has always had a thing for cute red-heads.

After my stomach stopped turning over I decided that any relationship with this guy was a bad idea.  He is divorced, with a pre-teen.  I am married, yes, married. With a five year old.  My husband could probably kick his ass, too.

I don’t ‘chat’ with him anymore.  He started sending me those hearts.  I refused and ignored them.  C’mon buddy, take a hint!  Yet, on they go.

As a woman, I could analyze his actions, but any male would just tell me, “Brother’s just trying to get ****”  They’re probably right.  Men understand each other better than most women could.  I think it is because they look to the obvious.

If our mildly flirtatious first conversation continued, it probably would have a taken a little while to understand this guy’s intentions are not honorable, but he took it over the line.  At that point it would have been wise for me to block him.  I think I even had two friends tell me to block him, and I didn’t.  But I just did, before I forgot to do so.


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