I have been told I am coming down from mania.  I’m not.  Today I bought about $170 of clothes for Small.  I had to pay $56 for an orthodontist visit.  I went to the craft store and spent a bunch of money.  (In a way I think I was subconsciously getting back at Mr. Malakoa, who didn’t want me to buy things out of a much cheaper catalog last night.)  (Well, probably not exactly.  But I did buy quite a lot of stuff.)  All in all, I’d say my pull was close to $250.

This is especially sad because I am trying to save for some stuff Mr Malakoa wants.  He wants this bumper weight set.  It’s about $1000.  He also wants a single speed bike.  (About $500)  The worst part is, if I would take the money I use on my sprees, I could easily give it to him for Christmas next year.  It’s almost shameful.

I keep planning on making these laminated lists.  One, for example, would have a list of things I’m not to do when I’m hypomanic/manic.  (Like shopping of any kind alone)  Another would have acceptable activities.  I’d make another for things, too, like a list of what I need to take when we go to the pool.  I’d try and make a house-cleaning schedule.  All those kind of things would be good and useful.  If this sounds ridiculous or senseless, you don’t have ADD.

I talked about remembering to take meds on Gentle Christian Mothers.  (Check it out, really.  There is some great support there.)

Here is what I wrote:  “I think EVERYONE WHO TAKES ANY KIND OF PILLS should have a pill box. You can’t remember if you took your morning meds or not? Check the box. If it’s empty, you’ve taken them. If it’s full, you haven’t. This is what I do and it works really well for me.

Put a hair rubber band on your wrist. Start out on your left hand. When you take your morning pills, move the rubber band. Same goes for evenings. Don’t take it off. (Unless you’re at a really dress party or something)

Write “meds” on each square of your calender. Cross it off. (I don’t think you should write it once you take the meds because you’ll just forget because you don’t really have a reminder.)

Take it before you brush your teeth – or anything you do twice a day. (Morning and Night.)

If you drive a lot, keep some emergencies in the glovebox. If you work out of the home, hide some in your desks.”

My memory is very, very bad.  I remember things from a while ago, but nothing before I started taking meds.  It’s wacko.

I am totally interested if any of you have got this memory issue, and if you have it under control.


P.S.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said all that I did last time I posted.  I thought a lot about that pouring burning coals on her head stuff.  I have a problem with that.  When, if, I do that, I feel a tad (okay, a lot) vindictive.  I don’t want to be but I am.  It maybe that God knows that and wants to give us a place to pour out our strong feelings.


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