I’m quitting completely

I’m not going to take ADHD medicine anymore.  For a while anyway.  I feel like a better version of myself now.  I’m sharper, I haven’t lost my car in two days.  I’m remembering more things, but I still have a two year space where I only vaguely recollect what happened.  Sigh.  All that time, wasted on keeping me alive.

The car thing:  Every single time I’d go some place I’d park my car in a reasonable space, go inside, and forget where it was when I came out.  Once it was raining, and I was in the Walmart parking lot of all places, with my little girl.  We went up and down the lanes until we finally found it.

I’ve been told 100 times to just do the best that I can.  Turns out that was the best I could do on my Vyvanse.

I went to the doctor today.  She is grieving because her father died.  Her “one comfort” was that she could be with him.  I was glad.  She was quiet, I told her about all that had happened.  She was happy I could be on less medicine and surprised that the B-100 was working so well.  She said that very few people have vitamin B deficiencies, but it looks like I’m one of them.  She advises a mutli-vitamin because it does handle many things but didn’t know about Vitamin B as they taught in the hospital.

I am glad that I found those notes.


It really does look like I have an ulcer.  I have all my tests tomorrow but feel like they are excessive.  It seems like it’s obvious.  I’ll let you know what happens.


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