Small and the idiot box.

Small told me that she was sad she missed “Diego” today.

She missed it because were out with friends. We ate Del Taco and then played in the play environment. I asked her, “Would you rather play with friends at Del Taco or watch tv?”

“Watch tv.” I asked her the same question three different ways. Never taking her eye off the tv, she kept saying she preferred the t.v.

What the heck!?!  From the ages of 12 to, say, 24 I watched probably ten hours of tv, not counting movies at school or in the theatre. Why is she so consumed? What can I do to get her to prefer other activities? She likes to read. She begs to play with friends. She likes school so much. But her favorite thing? Not baking cookies. Not wrestling with daddy. Not being read to. Watching t.v.

I guess the real question is, “Why is she not more like me?”


One response to “Small and the idiot box.

  • Anuj

    TV is actually like visual crack. It is in fact designed from the outset to capture its audience and to keep them engaged so that the cash registers keeps on ringing. If you think that it’s a bit paranoid then just sit through one of the shows as if you were a child. Or just think about your favorite TV show.

    However, throwing away the idiot box really isn’t a solution as I believe that good parenting is really about teaching kids how to make good choices. So you could try to get her addicted to other stuff like you. Bring her directly into the stuff you find interesting and reward her for that and after a while she will find it more interesting to be with you than to be with the TV. After that you can always expand and get her to explore stuff she likes on her own be it painting, or animation or something she likes.

    All of the above actually worked for me. As I actually did de-addict myself from the TV and now I find it boring.

    Oh and take the advice with a grain of salt.

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