a down time for the Malakoa family

There is one rule that everyone in this house follows.  One rule that is able to held its head high.  One rule we respect, encourage and entice.

The rule is…..

No food upstairs.  So the fact that I’m munching on macadamia nuts, coconut and dark chocolate chips all stirred up, melty and gooey, is wrong.

Full disclosure was yesterday and today.  We got out receipts and I got embarrassed.  We made promises, threats, all sorts of trouble and anger.  I had the feeling I’ve only had before when relationships were at an end.

It’s not.  I told Mr. M and he said it wasn’t like that at all, but the feeling is what dominated me all afternoon and in to the evening.  Now, I can look at it and see my own desires to avoid the very real problems might be encouraging it as, I don’t know, wishful thinking?  But we’re here, stuck together.  In a good way.

I’m still off the Vyvanse (ADHD).  At first, my brain just felt better.  Now, I am getting scattered all over the place.  Instead of just laying down and soothing myself to sleep I get these weird chains of pictures or songs or whatever.  I prefer the second, it’s what I’m used to.  I haven’t really been able to test drive the experiences in inter-personal work related situations, because volunteering in a crazy person’s class does not present itself with those kinds of challenges.


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