Doing the Love Dare when you are completely broke

We started the “Love Dare”, a book about how to “Fireproof” your marriage.  There was a very bad movie made about the book, staring Kirk Cameron.  It was based on the book, and you might have heard about it that way.  The book has forty days of challenges designed to make your marriage stronger, or to save a relationship headed for divorce.

Today we are to say nothing negative to your spouse.  So far, I’ve mostly done it.  We were talking about money, as people with none are prone to do.  We paid for Mr. Malakoa’s school this month to the tune of 1,000 dollars.  We didn’t have the savings to do it, so that means we’ve got about $XXX (I’m not that tacky) to last until the end of the month.  I’ve heard from other couples how they survived when they were young on nothing and how much fun it was to do it.  Problem is they were nineteen or twenty two when they did this.  Mr. M is almost 45, you’d hope we’d be done with it by now.

But, hey, I’m up for fun.  Maybe it will make us youthful and not keep us at each other’s necks.  Tonight I told Small we were being so silly by eating breakfast at night to be silly!  She loved it.

Anyway, we were in the middle of this heated conversation and I was going to open my mouth and tell Mr. M everything I thought about him and this whole debacle.  Then I was reminded of “The Love Dare.”  I thought, “Surely they weren’t going through the amount of financial pressure we’re under.”  But  I swallowed it.  I was “good”.

Feeling like my grammar and punctuation aren’t very good this day.  My complete apologies to my faithful readers for hanging on.




2 responses to “Doing the Love Dare when you are completely broke

  • Synesthesia

    I haven’t read that book, but I saw a clip from the movie and thought, did he have to break his computer?
    Couldn’t he have just got blocking software?
    I reckon, it’s less dramatic to do that.

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