I was going to write an entry about all the medicine I take and have taken.  Then I realized, “Who cares?”  i don’t even care that much.  All I need to remember is that Geodon gives me rabbit face and Seroquel makes me fat.  What more is there to it?

The Love Dare asks me to make a list of Mr. M’s positive attributes and negative attributes and then put it away.  Yesterday I tried to get him to participate in the “ask your partner three things about you that bother him”.  He said after seven he had nothing.  He doesn’t want to be bothered in the morning as well – needing that  “me” time to get through the day at a very difficult job.  I got it, but that’s twelve hours a day.  Eight + hours are spent at school.  Who gets the rest?

I am tired, yet happy and relaxed.  I think it’s the Xanax and I hope I get used to it so I’m not so tired.

More tomorrow.


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