Warning: Weight discussed

I went to the doctor today.  Exciting lead in, no?  Especially not for my (10) regular readers who are used to hearing me whine about my mental and physical health.

To make a long story short,  I was throwing up randomly.  I threw up five times in two weeks.  I went to the doctor.  It’s nothing serious, but it’s something mysterious.  Doc gave me a prescription to end my nausea and is referring me to a specialist.

Sounds fine, right?  Right.  Except for two weeks I have been gravely convinced that my bad diet is contributing to this.  In fact, I think it might be the only cause.  Not only do I eat foods that are less than nutritious, I eat a lot of them.  When I found that bag of Halloween candy yesterday, I ate about five pieces.  Today I ate more than that, and tomorrow, if I don’t discipline myself, I will eat more.

I eat lots of cookies when given the chance, take seconds on deserts and am an overall glutton.  I am overweight and everyone knows it.  No one knows why but me.  And now, you.

I’m munching on those tiny apple bananas and macadamia nuts as we speak.  It may not seem like a breakthrough, but I could be eating a large bag of crackerjacks or sneaking and stealing Mr. Malakoa’s tequila.  We’re just avoiding processed foods.  No more Halloween candy.  I’m just going to eat “healthy” stuff, and eat as much as I would like of it.  I can hear diet guru’s being up in arms by that statement.  Truth is, I’m eating so much candy, cake, brownies that exchanging those for a handful of macadamia nuts is a victory.

Watch the pounds slither off.


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