this is the week of coming clean

I spend too much.

I eat too much.

It’s got to stop and it’s really, really hard.

I rooted around until I found a checkbook for my doctor’s appointment.  Then I went and bought a replacement blade for the cricut and some stickers.

I’m supposed to be putting down all I eat in a journal.  I have, so far, since four o’clock (it’s 5:10 here).  But will I eat and lie?  I don’t know.

I’m not accustomed to all this truth tellings.  Well, I’m not lying, I’m being deceptive.  Which is just as bad, or worse.

This article discusses it.

It is really hard to be bipolar because of these things.  It is “natural” to lie and I never saw myself as a liar before.  Now, things have changed.

Off to absorb all this.


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