For hurting women. And men.

I have told quite a few people in real life that I have an online ministry for hurting women.  And men.  I share that I have readers who have experienced infertility and child loss, mental illnesses and deaths of people close to them.

The other day, giving this laundry list to a friend I realized this:  Everyone is hurting.  It is true that we all have our own secret grief.  We often keep it private, hidden in a pocket in our heart, picking at it so it can’t heal.  Or we pour it out inappropriately, speaking to strangers on the street about their sadness.  My parents both grew up pretty poor.  When my dad would come to my room and I was on the phone he said, everytime, without fail, “Quit trying to solve the world’s problems”.

I guess it never occurred to him that me, in my middle class bedroom with a four poster bed, could have my own troubles.  To be honest, his words hurt me to this day.

But back to this universal pain.  It can be difficult to spot the person that is hurting.  Sure, I can tell you stories about being able to tell that someone was sad or in trouble, but that’s not possible with everyone.  That said, is everyone reading this blog hurting?  Maybe not right now, but there is sadness in everyone of us.  If we can’t identify it, or you disagree with me, post to comments what your secret is.


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