It’s always a toss up

I’ve decided to take control of my life!  (In a Godly, submissive, joyful way of course.)  When I take stock of things it’s always a struggle and a shuffle of priorities and goals and family.

Take my daughter, for example.  Of course she is my number One, both in and outside of God.  I am to get her ready for school, walk her to school, pick her up and keep her fed, clean and active.  This is my basic commitment to her.  I’ll add weekly activities like ballet and gymnastics, too.  She and her activities rule the roost.  How am I to act, then, if I have to deal with a conflict?  If the conflict is a “family” activity should it trump all the others?  What if it’s Mr. M’s work?  Should that prioritize all?  Should my (many) doctor’s appointments?  Should church?

Then there comes my self-care.  Everyone has need of it, but I especially do.  There is  no possibility of me getting up early to iron (ha!  as if I ironed!)  There are things I must do every day to be healthy.  I am up to well over a dozen pills a day, with the inclusion of the mega-doses of B and my infrequent doses of Fish Oil.  I should work-out every day, especially because I have that dangerous kinda fat that causes all those health problems.  I should eat more vegetables, and the doctor says less fruit.  I need to be calm, to keep from getting scattered and manage my moods so I’ll be cool, calm and collected.  Although I have never been cool.  I still have bad acne scars on the side of my face and recently there has been some healthy sprinkling of pimples all over my neck, of all places.  The dermatologist gave me two different types of salves to rub on my face and I have, but I haven’t been as committed to it as I should be.  It’s a really important part of self-care.  When I get really nervous, just like a teenager, my first impulse is to pick.  Ick.

There are so many responsibilities wives, mothers and church leaders have!  Praise God for moms of more than one!  I’m behind on the “Love Dare” I’m behind of my relationships with my husband and I owe Small a good room-cleaning.  All this has to be considered in this schedule and list of priorities I’m going to make.  I’ll check in later, if I have a minute to spare.  🙂 .


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