We are not in control of our child’s salvation…

My friend, Jennifer, wrote this:  Here’s the thing that rubs me… we are not in control of our child’s salvation. That’s on THEIR shoulders. My job is to show them a loving , kind , God that wants a real relationship with them. Past that , it’s on THEIR terms. Not mine. No amount of applied parenting techniques takes away from the bare fact that we are only responsible for our own salvation. I can’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says we are responsible for any one else’s salvation , including our children. The verse so commonly used “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right”… the author is speaking to THE CHILDREN. Not the parents. That’s for CHILDREN to read , to decide , to obey.   A friend of mine said “Children choose to obey us when they are obeying God.” To swipe it around (they’ll learn to obey God by obeying us) is putting the cart before the horse. Remember that verse isn’t directed toward the parents. It’s directed to the kids. My job is to show my kids that verse , and all the others surrounding it. Past that , that’s their onus, not mine. Their salvation is in THEIR hands , not mine. Yes , that is a scary thought , but it’s true. I can only help them so far , it’s their road to walk.”


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