I am

I am so lonely.  Mr. M is gone at school.  My mom is around at night and that is actually pretty nice.  She’s helpful and useful.  I’m going to go get small in a few minutes.

I have gotten to the point I hate her teacher.  I shouldn’t.  I always tell other Christians, “Why?” when they say that, but I feel guilty about it.  I asked God to show me He’s a generous God, to be honest, I just don’t see it lately.  He has given me a lot of things but I am not appreciating Him.

My mother has me on an anti-acne crusade and I do need it but I can’t find someone who will take my insurance.  I feel disgusting and scared with big old welts.  Who knows why?  Both my mama and Mr. M think it’s dietary and want me to keep a food log.  It p.o.ed Mr. M that my mom said it too.  I have refused to do it because I don’t want one more thing to do related to health.

Blue.  I am blue.


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