Feeling Good

Did you ever notice that so called “sensitive” people can be the least “insentive” people you know? 

I’m thinking of a friend of mine who called me an “idiot”.  She has regaled me with all sorts of stories how people have been rude to her or offended her, but she doesn’t really seem to think about what she says.  It’s about *her* and her feelings. 

I know another woman that cries at the drop of the hat.  I discussed it with a therapist once and he agreed to me that it was a way for her to make darn near everything about her.  She, of course, has no plan chewing you out about things that are none of her business.

*  *  *  *  *

I have been on a diet for four days now, and I admit that I feel much better.  I’m on day 4.  I don’t eat fried foods, soda of any kind, sweeteners of any kind and more dairy (I’ll slip in some cheese now and then)  I don’t eat most processed foods and I’m avoiding flour. Fast food?  Nah.  I intially was eating a lot more, but now, on day 4, I don’t have to.  I usually eat an entire can of tuna and today I could only eat a half.  I was eating a whole lot of chocolate and now I’m not eating any.  I’m barely hungry, but feel, overall, much much much better.

I’m an all or nothing type, so, while skeptics might say it’s too strict to last very long, I think that they are wrong.

I’ve been stable for four days.  Is it coincidental that my last four days are the longest I’ve been stable since my diagnosis?




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