Close call today

I volunteered in my daughter’s class today and the teacher was a jerk to me a few times.  I wound up leaving an hour early.  I don’t like her as teacher, and I hate to say this but I (almost) hate her as a person.  She has no respect for her students, for her parent’s or her other faculty members.  In that way, she reminds me of my ex-co-worker back in Oakland.  Maybe some residual dislike has rubbed off on her.  Or maybe not.

Anyway, she was very rude to me, so I left.

Last night my mom usually calls my dad at 4:30 but she didn’t call him until 7:30.  I heard her in talking to him, while I was checking my voice mail.  I don’t like carrying a phone with me when I’m out socially.  Anyway, according to my mom he was “livid” that he couldn’t get a hold of me and that if it keeps up he’s not going to pay for a phone.

The reason he pays for the phone is that I would not to choose to have one at all.  I’m not a super texter.  I can have most conversations at home.  I think of it as much of a convenience as a pain.

But he’s going to take away phone privileges from his 34 year old daughter.

Our refrigerator is broken to the tune of $450.  It will cost about 2 1/2 x that for a new one.  Of course we have less than a dollar in our checking account when all the checks clear.

I talk to Mr M about all that stuff and he tells me to go work out.  About the same time we get a call asking if we wanted to go on a long walk.  We did.  We came home and I took a nap.  I woke up and got to see Mr M, realizing that I just averted a hospitalization.

I decided to go to bed early, went for my pills, and discovered I hadn’t taken ANY today.  It’s a wonder that things went as well as they did.

Oh, and before bed I left the text:  “Am going to bed.  Call house phone in emergency.”


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