Super down

I was doing great.  Then I got food poisoning.   Then I plain, clear, aw shucks, totally forgot to take my Friday pills.  I have gone from centered and stable to depressed and angry.

But I have some secret weapons.

#1.  Drugs and vitamins.  They are like my invisibility cloak.

#2.  I think that prayer should be here.  Heck, if I was super spiritual-feeling it would be first, but I’ve talked about that before here.  Moving on.

#3.  Sleep.  Go to sleep and wake up at 7.

#4.  Know my limits.  Don’t get involved in other people’s business or other people’s conflicts.  Listen, care, love, but ultimately realize they’re not my problems.

#5.  Exercise hard for about 20 minutes a day.  Exercise weak for more.  No days off unless ill.

#6.  This should probably be first.  Diet.  That means no sugars or sweeteners (including honey or ‘natural’ sweeteners).  Lots of veggies and fruits.  Little bit of rice or beans or juice or potatoes.  Super fatty cheeses okay.  Milk usually not okay.  Sweet potatoes are pretty much the only starchy foods I choose to eat.  No processed food allowed.

#7.  The defeated feeling is a lie.  The feeling of eternal want and unrealized desires in a lie.  There are blessings to count, things like free vacations, a place to live, teeth to eat with, medical insurance to rely on, a husband I like.  I need to count even more.

I’m repeating myself, you know that.  But I need all of this in one place.  I’m down right now, and to keep from getting even more down I need to jump on this program and keep it up.  Every single day of my life.


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