Funny answers to prayer

I asked God a few weeks ago to show me a generous God.  I don’t know exactly what I expected, but I suppose that was the reason for the question.  How in the world can you be generous?

I know God does great things for me, but I wasn’t on the page that said that.  I was around people I didn’t particularly like, my daughter’s teacher was a train wreck,  (she is a train-wreck) and we were made 90% aware of that fact we have no money.  Oh, and my daughter knew it. 

Even though my parents had no money while my brother and I were growing up, we never had a sense that we were poor.  There was a ton of our favorite foods on the table.  We got toys upon toys for Christmas and always wore new, freshly ironed clothes.  Even though my daughter has what she needs, most of the time (it feelings like) I have to tell her, “no.”  And she knows the reason why.

It is a good thing, I know, that I can’t buy her everything that I want her to have.  It still hurts,though.

Well, on to the generosity of God.  Our refrigerator broke and the bill was $450.  Later that week, we recieved a check for about $350. 

I had been begging God for a certain type of shoes, knowing it was a very long shot.  Then, I noticed, (this is almost embarassing) while I was cleaning the closet, that I had almost the pair I wanted.  I had bought them sometime last year when the department stores were closing. 

Stories upon stories have piled up.  God is really dangerously generousl


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