I had a long talk with Small for the last two days about unicorns.  She absolutely refused to believe they were just imaginary and asked me a ton of questions.  “Did the unicorns live at the same time as the dinosaurs?”  “Was there really just one unicorn? (from the Last Unicorn)”  “How big are they?”

When she usually asks me about things that are mythological I say, “They are imaginary, but they are fun to believe in.”  That goes for Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.  We pretend all those characters come to our house, but it’s just pretending.

One reason is that I want her to trust us to tell her the truth.  We teach the Bible as the Word of God and believe it’s truth to be unassailable.

That said, today I searched for unicorns in the Bible.  I found all of these verses:  http://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=unicorn&qs_version=KJV .  I talked to my friend and she said that the unicorns described in the Bible are actually rhinoceros.  I don’t know if I can believe that, though.  It’s true that the name used to describe them in the Bible is the Latin “one-horn”.  Why should it be limited to rhinos?  Why not unicorns? And what more credible than the King James Bible to present the beautiful, elegant animal as a unicorn?  The translator did not derive his interpretation from Latin, did he?

I am open to criticism about my interpretation.  If you care or don’t like it, comment away.


One response to “Unicorns

  • sarah

    i think that secretly, we all hope that unicorns are real. i mean not necessarily that they are on earth as it is now, but that they were and certainly that they will be. and i think God cares about our desires so sweetly, that one day unicorns will exist for all of us. =)

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