Recovery from shock

I quit blogging when I got the freelance gig.  Things were fine until they fired me.  Since then I have been in shock and haven’t written anything other than emails and GCM posts.  The posts I wrote weren’t even that good.

But it’s time to move on.  I’ve learned a ton over the past few months, and a lot has happened.  My old psychologist left me for San Diego and I really like my new therapist.  She is extremely insightful in that she is able to   point out obvious things.  She is super Grace Based Discipline oriented, which is so beautiful I can hardly believe it.  I used to hate it when people said, “Oh, she’s six going on 36,” but my daughter is that type of person.  She’s as self-actualized as any six year old can be.  She is so much fun and is also a comfort to me in many ways.  Chuck (new name for my husband) is doing well, too.  We are getting along and it’s nice.  The three of us were able to all watch the same movie (UP!) and only one of us didn’t cry.

After all this time I think I should write something super important and mind expanding, but I’m not there yet.  Let’s wait to see what will happen tomorrow.


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