I’m leaving you

I missed my meds last night.  I was exercising with my mom and got this weird tingling in my left arm.  It upset her and she made me take aspirin.  I got that “must take pills” feeling out of my mouth and only discovered this morning I missed them completely.

What changes?  For one thing, my vision is blurry.  It wouldn’t be so if I had taken my cogenten like a good girl.  Other than that, I feel physically okay.  It’s the relational stuff that has been triggered that is a pain.

There are two individuals that I would like to give a piece of my mind.   One complains ALL THE TIME about her life, her partner, other people, goes on about how she cannot get along with over 300,000,000 members of the population.  It’s enough to bug, but the other day she told me she would be all caught up if she had my schedule.

#1.  She doesn’t know my schedule because she’s so self absorbed she never makes the time to find out what other people are doing with their lives.

#2.  She has no clue what it means to be bipolar.  From weekly group therapy and one on one therapy to frequent psychiatric appointments to endless hours at the pharmacist, she would see being bipolar, or schizophrenic or whatever is the equivalent of a part time job.  What does she think I sit at home all day, doing nothing?   Oh, she probably does think that.

Since I only skipped the meds once I have not knocked on her door and told her all of this.  Our kids are friends.  I don’t want to screw that up for my daughter.

I get all pissy about my husband too, but don’t you hate it when people complain about their husbands?


One response to “I’m leaving you

  • pastelsummer

    complain all you want and i totally understand i did this the other day when is your next appt btw? So i can remind you to go

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