Ah, f@#$-it

I had a kind, warm, funny psychologist that left me for San Diego.  He had a great laugh so I tried to make him laugh as much as I could.  He was articulate and insightful and everything a psychologist should be.

One day we were talking about food.  He said most of his clients, when faced with the choice between something like a doughnut and not something like a doughnut, they stare at the doughnut for a moment, then say, “Ah, f@#$ it.”

So, I’m dieting, and losing weight (nine pounds since December 5 – but who’s counting?) even though I am having days where I eat whatever all day long.  In honor of the psychologist that cast me away, I call them, “F@#% it Days.”  Today I ate two doughnuts with iced coffee for breakfast, a big ole bowl of fruit salad, a taco, burrito and french fries with Arnold Palmers at lunch and a bunch of calamari with spaghetti with meat sauce.  Approximately 4,543 calories.

I am still losing weight.  Probably a big reason is that I’m not eating like that everyday, like I used to.  (Picture me looking around sheepishly.)  Now I’m eating a banana yogurt smoothie for breakfast, snacking on fruit, making my fabulous onion dip but dipping in to it with veggies and just generally being aware of what’s going in  to my mouth.  Nine pounds is the size Small was when she was born.

Onion Dip Recipe

Take some olive oil and butter and melt them together

add a chopped up onion.  Saute until the onions are translucent and about 1/3 are caramelized.

Stir in to sour cream,  along with Lowry’s Seasoning Salt.

Refrigerate over night.

Eat with those Hawaiian style potato chips, or veggies.

So delicious



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