She wants me to be fat!

I love See’s chocolate candies.  I’m crazy about them.  I ate a pound in an hour once.

But I’m losing weight.  I’m on Weight Watchers, which lets me eat what I want – but helps you decide to eat two pieces of pizza instead of the whole darn thing.  I’ve lost 12.2 pounds since December 5th and there is little reason to suspect I will stop.  However….

My mom is overweight and always had been.  She’s been kind enough to pay for my Weight Watchers and brags to everyone about all I’ve done.  So, I don’t know if it’s purposeful or not, but she is the one person who shows the signs of a saboteur.

For example, we met for lunch.  Small had to go to the bath room so I left my order with her and took Small to the restroom.  When the food came it was about twice of what I ordered.  I wanted a taco, she ordered me the meal, with a big sloppy, delicious, plate of beans and rice.  It wasn’t her fault I ate most of it, but she didn’t help.

I keep losing weight.  My mom announces she wants to add some chocolate to her diet and wants to get a box of See’s.

WHAT!?!  It’s like just a little hint of heroin.  I disagreed.  I want to be lean.  I want chocolate, too, but I’m at a place in my life I’d rather be a lean 35 year old than a chocolate eating 35 year old.  And I’m at a point where I look at the way my mom acts and I see she’d opt for the fat me.


One response to “She wants me to be fat!

  • Helen

    Lean or Chocolate Eating 35 year old! We love you either way….but being in Weight Watchers now….I believe you CAN BE lean and a chocolate eating 35 year old. Rather than a box an hour….you can have one per day. I know, it ain’t the same….but such is life. We’ve been a fan of Biggest Losers since joining Weight Watchers in 2007….so, get lots of encouragements and tips from that show.

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