Staying a writer

Anyone can become a writer. The trick is staying a writer.
~Harlan Ellison

I did not make very much money last year.  All my work was done through Demand Studios.  It’s a database where you choose your assignments and write them for various internet websites.  Mine were sold to and, mostly.  Toss in and there you’ll find all of my writing credits of 2010.  They paid poorly and demanded a lot.  When they let me go, I went in to shock for three + months.  I didn’t write anything.  I didn’t struggle with it, either.  No sitting in front of the computer rocking back and forth for me.  I just stumbled around not writing.

When I realized the time I was wasting, I decided to take action.  I restarted the blog and I’m going to restart writing short stories.  The novel has got to take a place on the back burner because I’m just not up to 200+ page narratives.  I hope I have it in me some day, but right now I do not.  There is little excuse in that.  I have hours in a day I can write.  I do not need to check facebook again.  Lately I’ve compulsively checked my email because I am waiting to hear from a company where I applied for a job.  I do not think they are going to get back to me; they’ve reposted with more specifics.  I should be thankful, all this leaves more time to write.  I need to seize this time.  Today I spent it watching “I Used to Be Fat”.  I’m not acting according to my values, which is a sign of a bipolar flare up.  (Watching that kind of tv goes against my morality – doing things that you don’t believe in doing is a sign of mania – people have one-night-stands, spend thousands of dollars and eat through a kitchen in these states.)

I want to stay a writer because writing is good.  I can’t do a lot of good things and there are plenty of good things I can’t do at all.  I cannot play a sport of any kind, and I think sports are good.  I can’t drink, and I think drinking can be good.  It makes people forget their misery and it tastes so good.  I don’t care that it is hard.  I do get offended when people think it’s easy and fun because there are only a few golden moments when writing is easy and fun and good.  Plenty of people write poorly and thing they are geniuses.

Do you want to know what I hate?  I hate it when people say, “I just started at the top of the page and wrote and wrote and wrote.  I didn’t go back and change any spelling or grammatical errors, I just left it how it was.”  Excuse me?  That sounds like vomiting, not like writing.   Words are important, use your skills.  If you’re going to write, mean it.  I make a lot of errors in this blog; that’s what blogs are for.  Poems especially need special attention to do well and be good.  If you aren’t going to coax and pet and prod, why bother?  Is it because it’s hard work?  Real writing often is.


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