Yeah, I’ve got ’em.  I feel like I shouldn’t be having dreams because, well, I’m an overweight mom living in a tract house, driving a SUV and fooling around on the Gentle Christian Mother’s board.  See how harshly I judge myself?  (And you?)  As if mom’s don’t get dreams.  As if being overweight exempts you from goals.  As if the car you drive has bearing on anything.

So, what are my dreams?  And am I going to share them with you?

My number one dream is to go to a bookstore or library and look up my last name and see small volumes of books lined up, all with me as the author.  I want the books to be enlightening and insightful, and I want you to buy one.  Or the whole set.

My number two dream is to get rid of the extra fat on me and buff up my muscles.  I wouldn’t mind being one of those ladies other women point at and say, “she’s just too muscular.”  I want to run around unselfconsciously at the lake with my daughter.

I want a tightly knit family.  I want life long friends.  I want my medicine to keep on working.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to work on achieving those dreams.  I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing to go about getting those things, but I will.  And, if you wish, you can help me.


2 responses to “Dreams

  • Helen

    I don’t think you need much help. You already said you’ve joined WW. You also have a hubby who loves to do crazy squats in funniest positions for toning up and so you have a in-house trainer :)… and I think that if you keep up with this blog as you have…one day, all you need to do is copy and paste and put it on paper and BAM! Both dreams fulfilled. And as for us who love you and want to see your dreams fulfiilled…well, we just keep on reading and cheering you on!

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