How it goes….

“Helen said
February 6, 2011 at 10:42 am
So how goes it as a “behavior therapist”? Is it all that you thought it would be?”

Thanks for asking! So far things are fine. I have one client and that is pretty much all I’m allowed to say about it – confidentiality reigns, as it should. I wouldn’t want a therapist yapping about my problems for all thirty readers. (Hello, 30 readers!)

I work with the same person from 9-12 M-F.

I can see potential for burn out. I can see how it might become unbearably dull.

I can’t understand why everyone is so impressed when I say I am a “behavior therapist”. Really? What sounds so appealing about it?


One response to “How it goes….

  • Helen

    I’m personally not thrilled about the title of a BT, just the same as I’m not thrilled about being a PT. however, I am thrilled at the opportunity that being a BT or PT gives me a chance to meet amazing people that I otherwise would not meet at Safeway or even at church.
    Good call at keeping confidentiality. But it is good to know that you do enjoy it and see the precautions of burn-out…I know that many PTs burn out in a few years…but sadly, it took many years to become a PT and when burnt out…it is hard to pay back the we loans…but sadly, PT can no longer be used as a bridge to be a blessing. Just my own journey…

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