Stress is eating me up right now. My husband stumbled upon a red piece of paper saying we had let my parent’s account go delinquent and that we should expect bill collectors to show up any time.

I let it eat at me for the entire weekend. I felt every muscle tighten and they are still tight. The days were wretched and I knew getting things straightened out was only going to mean $2,000.

So last night I am getting things together for the wretched day I thought would follow, when I checked the date on the paper. It was 2009-2010. I had taken care of it then. I had nothing to fear now.

But I’m still tight and can’t get myself to relax. It’s almost stuck in me. I should probably go for a run but my stomach is stuffed with noodles. I thought they would make me feel better, the noodles. They haven’t. I still feel like I have something following me around, getting ready to eat me up with chopsticks and sesame seeds.

Once I’m digested maybe I’ll take Small to the park and I can run there.


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