No apologies

No apologies: No reason for them. Life has been very strange for me. For one, I had a job. I was working in the mornings only, as a Behavior Therapist. I worked with an autistic little girl. The parents decided they didn’t like me, so I was removed from the case.

I took it like a champ. I liked the job; I thought I was good at the job. They disagreed. I liked the money, but there is lots of money in God’s world, and I live in God’s world.

I wasn’t writing at all during that time, except if you count IMs with MightyxxxCat. I don’t.

I’ve began dreaming about the type of book I want to write and the type of writing I want to do and the types of reviews I want to have. This is dangerous: It gets in the way of real writing.

I’ve had severe cranial pressure for three days. Doc gave me a prescription for a medicine that make it fifteen times worse. I hate this.


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