Is there always a boy that gets picked on?

At my middle school we were all a bunch of nerds. We went to a school that specialized in math, science and computer science. We were hopeless in sports, but some of us had social skills. There were a few kids that stood out, though. Not for excellence in science or charisma. They were weirder than the rest of us. One weighed about 300 pounds. Another literally ate her boogers. Then there was BG.

I don’t understand why they picked on him, and I didn’t understand then. I never stood up for him, but it wasn’t after fear of becoming a target, I didn’t care about that, (that ran it’s course in sixth grade) it simply because it never occurred for me to. After we graduated from the eighth grade I never thought of him again.

Fast forward seventeen years and facebook, blessed facebook suggested we become friends. I clicked on his face, and there was B.G.

He’s handsome now, the his wife is gorgeous. He went to Cal Poly and it looks like he has a good job. I hope he does. I didn’t “friend” him because I doubt he ever spoke to me.

Is there some kind of study about what happens to outcasts? We’re warned they’ll become serial killers or worse. Most of us do not. Another woman, who endured the treatment in junior high, is entering Michigan’s prestigious MFA program.

This does not make the victimizers action okay. Honestly, I don’t know what happened to any of them. I wish them well, but not too well. Especially if they’ve continued in their evil ways.


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