The So-Called Psycho

(The info in this post can be disturbing. It mentions child molestation and murder)

We’ve done it again, mentally ill people. One of us tortured and sexually abused a four year old. The boy said he was going to tell his mom, so Raul Castro drown the child and stuffed his body in in a dryer. He was found guilty of horrible acts and used bipolar disorder as part of his defense.

A comment left by a Fresno Bee reader said it couldn’t have been mental illness that led to this event. If he were doing this as a crazy person, he would have thought it was okay. He wouldn’t have bothered drowning the boy and he certainly wouldn’t have hidden his body. He would have been okay with all of it.

I used to get really upset about things like this crime. I still grieve the death of the child, but I was so self-centered I would feel sorry for myself. At the tender age of fifteen, Raul Castro manages to give mentally ill people a bad name. I believe that, because of folks like him, if I were to reveal my disability to acquaintances or a congregation, people would look at me, well, like I was crazy. They’d keep their children away from me and not let their spouses talk to me because I was so hyper-sexual I was going to lead him (or her) to the bathroom so we could have sex right now. I would be tossed in the salad with the other nuts. I couldn’t help it and they couldn’t risk it.

Is there a difference between a psychiatric disability and a psychological one? I had a doctor of psychology say once that I was, “one of the least crazy people (she) knew.” My current therapist agreed with her. I get angry and I fantasize about putting evil people in their place, but don’t you? I don’t have a psychological illness, I have a psychiatric illness. Someone told me once that taking psych-meds is like wearing glasses. Another doctor told me he’d rather have bipolar than diabetes. Either way, you’re (I’m) taking drugs every day of my life, a fine romance, and one surely for death do us part.

I am almost at the point now that I do not care that Raul Castro is bipolar. I wish he would shut up about it because it has very little to do with his behavior. Folks with mental illness are statistically no more violent than the typically brained individuals. He uses this as a shield, and I suppose if I was facing the kind of justice he will probably face I’d pull out all the stops. He faces life in prison. I hope the jury is able to recognize that the teenager’s bipolar is not the cause, and a bipolar criminal is the exception rather than the rule.


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