She was planning on running away

My daughter wanted to run away today. She was very angry at me because she was not allowed to eat candy before lunch.

She went upstairs and packed her stuff. I’m not sure what made the box, but a hand-knitted blanket made by husband’s sister was on top. I thought that was kinda sweet.

I asked her where she planned to go. She told me, “It’s a Small World.” I asked her how she would get there. She said, “on a bus”. She didn’t want lunch first, but I persuaded her to eat a sweet potato.

As she was mashing the butter in to her potato, she told me she changed her mind and didn’t want to move anymore. She confessed to me she got the idea from Junie B. Jones to go to “It’s a Small World.”.

We discussed when she would move out and she agreed on twenty-three.

I don’t remember wanting to run away when I was little. I knew I was helpless, and as bad as things might be to my child’s mind, I knew I couldn’t make it on my own. From a very early age, however, my goal was to be independent, something I was able to do for about three years on my own. Three years out of 35 is not so great, but I have other concerns rather than independence now.


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