In for a penny, in for a pound

I lost 3.4 pounds last week, some thing I almost wholly attribute to my new ADHD medicine. I gained about forty pounds on my old meds, and there was no end in sight when I started Weight Watchers. I would lose 1-2 or gain 1-2, I could hardly pay attention at the meetings anyway.

I’ve been on a low dose of ADD medicine since Friday and the weight started falling off. I hope it continues to. It’s not just the stimulant effect that is doing it. Number 1 is that I don’t really feel hungry. I’ll sit down with a burrito and only be able to eat half of it. I took it home and worked it into two more meals before I just threw it away because it was getting nasty.

Number 2 is I don’t need help with something to focus. Before I needed to eat at the keyboard as a means of wrangling my attention. I may have needed to focus on three things at once, but, by gosh, I was going to choose the things. Now I can sit in front of the computer with or without my trusty glass of water and things maintain just fine.

Number 3 is the meds are not against me anymore. I talk about that above, but I truly believe there are some drugs that make it impossible for one to lose weight. I used to joke it was the meds, and the milkshake that I had every day after class as a reward. I see that, while the milkshake didn’t help, it was more a symptom of the problem than the problem itself. I felt empty and the milkshake. There might be better women than I that can prevent comforting themselves with food, but when food works so well.

There are more reasons, but who really cares? I’m losing weight quickly and have a lot to go. More later.


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