I will bless you

I have felt convicted that I need to bless my growth group. A growth group is a small group of people studying the Bible or Christian books, and I am a leader of one. It consists of five couples, including my husband and I. I thought I was to choose a different couple each week and pray for them, blessing them with encouragement and growth and prophecy. This thought came to me in the middle of the last group, but I felt unable to go through with it without making the couple feel uncomfortable. I kept praying about how to go about it. Should I take them aside? Should I pray over them with everyone there?

The group went something like that. We answered the ice breaker question: “Whose marriage do you admire and why?” and did the study. It was time to go and almost out of no where I lifted up my had, I said, “May God’s blessing go with you and may his face shine upon you, now and forever, AMEN”.

After I said those things, my heart felt better. It was like something was loosened in me. It was like I was the one missing out on this blessing all along. Sure, I believe I’ve been given teaching and prophesying gifts, and even healing gifts, but it was as if I was missing out on using them. I believe a blessing can be healing and I believe my words were so, for me, I felt healed. I don’t know if anyone else felt that way, I’d like to know but I will wait to hear from someone or from God as to the kind of blessing I am to give.

And with that, I pray the love of God will shine through you and that He will be pleased with all that you do.


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