Can I bore you?

There is a lot to taking pills, if you take a lot of them. And, as my first grader announced to her Sunday school class, “My mom takes a lot of pills.”

It’s true. We’re not ashamed. Small is especially not ashamed because for her, it’s the norm. Mama takes about fifteen pills a day. So what?

The first pill I take is a big, nasty horse pill. It’s the B-100, and it’s one of the most powerful pills I take. It restored a lot of my enemies and keeps me from talking to myself under my breath.

The problem with that pill is, if you take it on anything but a VERY full stomach, you get severe nausea and then you vomit. I hate that, of course… It’s nasty yellow vomit. Not only do I feel all shook up after I’m sick, I wander around the rest of the day in a stupor, feeling lost, wondering what I should do yet. The answer: nothing.


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