About Okay

A lot of us are walking around, seeking proof that we are okay. We don’t want to be like everyone else, but we want a sense that we are not estranged from the world and all of society.

When I was a little girl I had the sense I was different from everyone. I tried to not be, but my personality would just burst out – I’d read a book and interpret it differently than other people did. I also liked different things, ate different things (I brought kiwis in my lunch) and spoke differently. I didn’t know where it came from, and still doesn’t. My brother is a pretty normal guy. Maybe a little more handsome than everyone else and definitely more charismatic than anyone else. Same family, different results.

It came to me at a pretty young age that I was going to give up on all of this trying to blend in stuff and go back to being myself. It was still work to do so – I am eccentric, I have red hair, but I was me.

Since that day I discovered a lot of things about myself and have accepted them as Okay, and even my version of normal.

Because of this, I want to list things that are Okay. A friend once told me that most people are inherently lonely. I have come to believe that is not true. There are many of us that aren’t. I’m not anymore, although I have conquered years of loneliness. There are things that set up walls between us, where there could be bridges.

Things that don’t stop you from being okay
Being mentally ill
Having an invisible disability
Having a visible disability
Having a sick or disabled child
Being fat
Being too skinny
Having dysfunctional parents
Getting your house broken in to
Having bird legs
Having pimply skin
Having scarred skin
Being single past 25,30,45
Being single, period
Not owning a home

feel free to add your own to comments….and so on…..


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