The most I have weighed at 207 pounds. I never broke 200, even while pregnant, but apparently my body didn’t not get the memo that you weren’t supposed to gain weight randomly when you’re not preggo, so it packed on the pounds. 207 is a lot, even for a 5’9″ woman like myself.

The meds I was taking also helped me to gain weight. I was gaining at the rate of 1-2 pounds a week.

At about 200, I had relatives tell me hint loudly that I needed to do something. Mom offered to get me nutra-system. I ignored them all. I was squish and soft, but my daughter loved my belly and I loved my chocolate, and pop chips and Mexican food.

Finally, my true BFF came to visit me and she told me I needed to lose weight. Something clicked. Only a true friend would could tell me that. I took what she said seriously.

Since December 5th I’ve lost 17 pounds. I looked at the height/weight chart and discovered that I belong at about 145. I thought that was super thin, but it’s the weight guidelines I got from Weight Watchers. That means…………….

That’s beyond chubby and beyond pleasingly plump. How did I get so big? I weighed about 160 in high school, which put me at about 20 pounds over weight, then. I knew I was a tad overweight, but 20 pounds?!?!?! Did I have no sense? That is ridiculous. How could I go around with all that denial?

I’ve got a long tumor in my foot as the results of a botched foot surgery. i have to exercise to care for my variety of mental illnesses. Things like jump rope and running are easier and safer lighter. I do not miss that stuffed feeling and am able to eat less sweets. I attribute some of it to Weight Watchers and some of it to my ADHD medicine. I’m not as compulsive or obsessive. Before I could not control my urges or hunger, but I am doing better now, and I can. I can skip a meal if I need to, instead of driving through the drive thru. I also have trouble tasting a lot of foods because my tongue and mouth are so dry. I have a lot of things on my side this time.

I will not weight 207 pounds again.


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