The first job interview I had that mattered was in for the State Capitol. I wanted an internship. I was in perfect form. My nylons ran about fifteen minutes before my interview, but it didn’t matter: I had an extra pair in my briefcase. Minutes before I was to come in, my nose started bleeding.

Now, I’m a bleeder. (I’m sure that means something gross or sexual or both, but I don’t intend it to). When I start I don’t stop. Bloody noses can last all day. I decided to just go in there, tilt my head slightly up and for the interview.

It worked. I got that very internship. I did very well and got offered a real job after graduation. Go Malakoa!

Fast forward a year and I am the director of the Internship Program. I begin to drink a healthy amount of Tequila and wine. And champagne and just about anything I could get my eyes on and down my throat. I once drank vodka but the cup, just as if it was water. I started smoking when I got drunk. It was a bad thing. I learned I did not belong there, even though I worked so hard to get there.

It also turned out that the guy who hired me two years ago (and the year before that) wanted to sleep with me. He led everyone on our floor into thinking we were playing hide the salami. I found him physically disgusting and he only got more repulsive as I realized what he was doing. I felt like I had to respond, so I told anyone who might bring it up, or any time there was an opening in casual conversation that I would not, could not bear to touch him, let alone let things go further. (I said it very nicely, although ti turns my stomach just to think of it.)

He also had the nerve to show up at my birthday party one year, drunk, at about eleven o’clock to ask me indirectly if I wanted to play hide the weasel with him. I didn’t. And wouldn’t. Ever. Ick.

He went on to a lucrative position at a fruit company ;-). He is probably very rich. I do not know if he married or had children, but I know his last girlfriend was among the worst people I’ve ever met. I roomed with her the summer before and she did b.s. like take all the toilet paper when she left.

I still think of him as a disgusting person. But I do wish him well. I wish he would leave interns alone and I hope that he donates a lot of his money to charity. I don’t believe he is the type of guy who would ever remain faithful to his wife, but I hope he becomes so. Even if he is married to Miss-Take-My-Toilet-Paper, I really hope they are happy together. Maybe happiness will make them into better people.

ETA: Happiness makes me in to a better person, too. And I’m sure the two of them would have stories upon stories to tell about me. I was stupid when I worked at the Capitol. I could have forgot about my drunkenness, or stopped drinking (something I did wind up doing years later.) I could have stopped doing other things that hurt me and hurt my career. I used her toilet paper, maybe that was a misstep. (Although how someone would do that remains a misunderstanding to me)


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  • pastelsummer

    everyone has a past they wish didnt happen the best part tho is when you can use God and his help and pull yourself up and get better like you have you are an inspiration to me. I love you

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