Where do you get your ideas?

I found this Draft on the dashboard…. It was from May 16….. I don’t remember saving it, but what the heck.)

I basically steal them from you. That question is kin to “How long did it take you to write that?” The only correct answer is, “My whole life.”

I get ideas from the people who talk strangely. I am so interested in the way non-native speakers, or native speakers with unusual dialects speak. I like, especially, phrases that are hard to understand. “Boy, I’m gonna knock the fyre out of you.” (Boy, I am going to beat you.)

If you tell a story, I will listen closely. Lately I will forget closely, as well. It makes it hard to write with no short-term memory.

I threw up this morning. I hate that. It throws off my whole day.

There are some things that happened recently. One is I’ve lost a total of 20.4 pounds. I am eating less, but it’s the ADHD medicine that is dealing these cards. I’m going to Weight Watchers. I’m working on doing yoga during the day. It washes away my anxiety. Then I want to exercise for real. Kettle bells, running, jump-roping. I’m not digging it though. I keep reading almost every day how exercise is just great for you. It clears up gallstones, extends your life and can turn around weight gain. These are all things I want to do. I was told today that I’m losing weight too fast. I lost 2.4 pounds this week and 3.4 in the week of 3/5. Not too shabby, but more than Weight Watchers want me to lose. In addition to the strain put on one’s body, it become easier to stop dieting when things slow down and to gain it all back.

I wonder, though, if the weight I carry on my body is not worse for me and my feet than shedding the pounds rapidly. My feet would be better. My posture would improve, probably. I could wear a swimsuit without fear. (Anxiety is not good for me, right?) I could find a swimsuit without a skirt.

I’m still kind of flabbergasted by the amount of weight I have yet to lose. Six months ago, if asked, I’d say I had maybe 25 pounds. (Okay, 20). This is not the case. I’m now about 17 pounds away from the WW goal weight. It feels like nothing. I mean, I’ve already lost 20. I’m more than half way there.


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